Friday, January 1, 2016

My Original Radio Play airs on Portland Jewish Hour

Recently Liz Schwartz of the Portland Jewish Hour on KBOO contacted me about doing something original for the show. As it turned out my creative partner Annie Rosen and I had been doing a lot of writing so I thought I'd try a radio play, tailor-made for the both of us. My father was a big fan of Bob and Ray and I got to hear a lot of them growing up, and this radio play was written with their style in mind.

The Radio play, Always Leave Them Wanting More, is the exciting adventures of the Tin Pan Alley Duo Gloria Steinway and Herbert Plotzbottom. In this episode they're visited by the mysterious Mrs. Goldollar with a proposition that threatens to tear apart the creative team forever! Listen to the whole thing here:

Hungry Opera Machine and the Portland Jewish Hour presents Always Leave Them Wanting More! 

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