Thursday, October 5, 2017

So I Wrote a Mystery Novel!

  You might know me as a performer but I've always been a writer too. Short stories, lyrics for Vagabond Opera, and librettos for my opera have not been center-stage, but now I've written a mystery novel. Last week, after going over the proofs yet again, I sent it in—front cover, back cover, and everything in-between—and now the books are being printed. No turning back now!
  The process, was like many other artistic ones I've endeavored. A labor of love, it felt electric at the starting gate and then continued as peaks and troughs; nadirs when I felt that the whole project was pointless and zeniths when I felt like I was not only inhabiting another world but channeling the thoughts and dialogue of my characters.

  What is this world? Who are these characters? It takes place in Portland, 2008, and the book begins with a murder at Dante's. Here's the back cover to entice you:

  One more thing: I had the best editor ever! My good friend and artistic partner, Annie Rosen, who raked my novel over the coals again and again, and nurtured my work kindly and compassionately so that only the best would emerge. Thank you, Annie!

  Happy reading! The title is "Rose City" and you can purchase a hard copy here at
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  1. Did you know you forgot to mention the title? I was able to find it my reading the author blurb in your picture. Like I'm a real detective! (wait a minute ... I see what you did there ...)

    Looking forward to reading this!